Thursday, October 14, 2010


Would you like to get paid by doing small tasks in your free time and that too from your comfort of home? If yes, then you can join the websites which are given below. Now what are the tasks these companies ask people to complete? Examples of such tasks are as given below:
  1. Find the email address for a company and their website. This is a small task which can take around 5-10 minutes by searching on internet. On completing you will get paid $0.01$
  2. Locate Hotel and Restaurant phone numbers and get paid $0.12
  3. Copy and paste the address and phone number from the URL and get paid $0.16
  4. Download a file and get paid $0.10
  5. Sign up an offer and get paid $0.25

There are many such jobs that one can do and get paid. Then there are high paying jobs like translation articles to other language which pays$0.40, answering questions which can fetch pay of $0.25.

The basic requirement would be the internet and all the jobs are to be done oneline.Once submitted the approval takes around 24-48 hrs. Once approved the earnings reflect in your account. Different companies have different payouts. Listed below are some of the best companies offering such work:

  1. Mechanical Turk
This site is owned by one of the largest company of the world i.e. Amazon. Amazon Mechanical Turk is a marketplace for work that requires human intelligence. Human Intelligence Task or HIT is a question that needs an answer. A HIT represents a single, self contained task that you can work on; submit an answer, and a collect a reward for completing. There is no payout limit but they will charge $4 for payment. Usually they pay via direct check only and when payment is requested one has to upload the identification like PAN, Elector ID or passport.  Payment checque will be send in the country’s currency.

  1. Microworkers
Micro workers is a free website that connects people who needs small tasks done with those who have free time and want to earn some money. Once registered you need to select a job, read the instructions, complete the task and submit. Each task or job takes around 5 minutes and you will earn a few cents.  You can claim money when you earn at least $9. Payments are given via Paypal, Moneybrooker, alertpay and by checques within in 30 days .

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